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Crafting Precision at Every Mold

The Art and Science of Tooling

At the core of plastic manufacturing is the tooling process, where ideas are transformed into tangible forms. Our skilled engineers and technicians collaborate to design and fabricate molds that set the stage for flawless plastic molding. It’s a delicate dance between innovation and craftsmanship, where attention to detail is paramount.

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The Secret of PMS Tooling Process

Design & Engineering

Our journey starts with your concept. Our designers and engineers work closely to translate your vision into detailed plans. Cutting-edge software and years of experience ensure accuracy and feasibility.

Material Selection

The right material is the foundation of a successful mold. We meticulously select materials based on factors such as mold complexity, production volume, and desired finish.

Precision Machining

Using state-of-the-art CNC machines, our skilled machinists bring the design to life. Every contour, angle, and detail is meticulously carved, ensuring that the mold is a perfect reflection of the design.

Surface Finish

The surface finish of a mold is crucial for the quality of the final product. Our expertise allows us to achieve a range of finishes, from high-gloss to textured, meeting your specific requirements.

Prototyping & Testing

Before mass production, we create prototypes to validate the mold's functionality and design. This step allows us to identify and address any potential issues before they impact the final product.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in continuous improvement. Our team monitors the mold's performance during production, making adjustments if needed to maintain consistent quality.

Ready to experience the transformative power of expert tooling in plastic manufacturing?

Why PMS Tooling Matters

At PMS, tooling is more than a step in the process, it’s a dedication to excellence. Our mastery of tooling sets the foundation for your success, ensuring that every molded product is a testament to precision and quality.


Our tooling process ensures that every mold is crafted with precision, resulting in products that meet exact specifications


A well-crafted mold ensures longevity and consistent performance, reducing downtime and increasing overall efficiency.


Precise tooling means minimal waste and smoother production processes, ultimately saving time and resources.


Our tooling expertise allows us to create molds that accommodate various customization options, giving your products a unique edge.

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