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Premium Injection Molding Solutions for Beauty and Personal Care

Ever-evolving beauty and personal care industry

With over a decade of dedicated experience, PMS has emerged as a leading manufacturer in China. We offer comprehensive services, covering every aspect from product development and design to precise production, secure packaging, and reliable transportation. Our extensive clientele includes brand owners, importers, wholesalers, and distributors, and we take immense pride in our established collaborations with globally renowned retail brands.

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Advantages of Injection Molding


Intricate design mastery with exacting dimensions.


Accommodates diverse shapes and intricate patterns.


Uniform quality ensured through consistent dimensions.


Ideal for small to medium production runs, delivering cost-effective solutions.

Custom Cosmetic Tool Components

Our custom components for cosmetic tools, including brush handles and applicator heads, prioritize user comfort and effectiveness.

Ergonomic Design: Our tool components are designed for ease of use and comfort.

Material Versatility: We offer a range of materials, from durable plastics to eco-friendly options.

Precision Manufacturing: Our advanced injection molding technology ensures precision in every component.

plastic beauty (2)
mini plastic eyelash curler (1)

Cosmetic Packaging Containers

Our cosmetic packaging containers offer a stunning range of options, from sleek tubes to intricately designed jars, bottles, and compacts.

Premium Materials: We exclusively use FDA-approved, high-quality materials, ensuring your products meet the strictest industry standards.

Airtight Sealing: Our containers preserve product freshness and integrity.

Customization: Choose from various shapes, sizes, and finishes to create unique packaging that aligns with your brand identity.

Caps and Dispensers

Our caps and dispensers combine functionality with aesthetics to ensure a seamless user experience.

Precise Dispensing: Our dispensers guarantee precise and controlled product distribution, reducing waste and enhancing user satisfaction.

Branding Options: We offer embossing, debossing, and custom color matching to integrate your branding seamlessly.

Safety First: For products requiring extra safety measures, we provide child-resistant cap solutions.

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Skyrock Your Business with PMS

At PMS, we understand the importance of personalization in the beauty industry. We offer color choices, Logo and Branding Integration.

Don’t move, We’ll Handle Everything


PMS tailors products to your precise needs, collaborating closely to deliver solutions that align perfectly with your vision.


Employing advanced expertise, PMS crafts precise molds for consistent high-quality production.


PMS excels in large-scale injection molding, maintaining efficiency and top-tier quality from sourcing to assembly.

Quick Delivery

PMS ensures swift turnaround times without sacrificing quality, keeping your operations streamlined and effective.

After-Sales Service

Beyond sale, PMS supports with dedicated service for a seamless product lifecycle.

Marketing Support

Elevate your market presence with PMS’s marketing assistance, enhancing your success.

Why PMS is Your Ideal Injection Molding Partner

10 Years Injection Molding Experience

Harness a decade of mastery for tailored solutions that meet your needs precisely. Our seasoned expertise ensures your vision comes to life flawlessly.

  • 20,000 Square meters production facility
  • 8 Advanced production line
  • 20+ Countries exported
pms injection molding line

Certificates and Testing Reports

Elevate trust with our internationally recognized certifications. Rigorous testing underscores our commitment to your safety and quality standards.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • FAD Approval
  • CE Compliance
iso certificates

Advanced CNC Machine

Experience precision redefined through advanced CNC technology. Expect intricate designs with remarkable accuracy, minimizing flaws in every product.

  • Precision tooling machine
  • Advanced Injection molding machine
  • Auto-packing machine
advanced machine

Competitive Pricing

Unveil unbeatable value without compromise. Our strategic pricing blends quality and cost-effectiveness, amplifying both your bottom line and product excellence.

  • Raw material cost
  • Production cost
  • Logistic cost
competitive price

What our happy customers say

Customer reviews are always the best reflection of our products and services. Take a look at what our customers have said.

Sarah Thompson

CEO, Luxe Beauty Co.


“PMS has been a game-changer for our brand. Their cosmetic packaging containers are stunning and functional. PMS is an invaluable partner in our success.”

John Davis

Product Manager, Glamorize Cosmetics


“PMS’s caps and dispensers have revolutionized our products. Their precision and branding options elevate our packaging. PMS understands the beauty industry.”

Maria Rodriguez

Product Development Director, Beauty Innovations Inc.


“PMS consistently delivers exceptional quality for our beauty tools. Their designs improve the user experience, and their precision manufacturing sets them apart.”

You ask, we answer

For any further inquiries or specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Injection molding plays a crucial role in creating packaging, containers, dispensers, and components for beauty and personal care products. It allows for precision manufacturing of plastic parts with various shapes and sizes.

Injection molding is used to produce a wide range of products, including cosmetic packaging containers, caps, dispensers, applicators, and custom components for beauty tools.

Yes, the plastic materials used in injection molding for beauty and personal care products are FDA-approved and meet stringent safety standards. They are designed to ensure product integrity and consumer safety.

Our extensive expertise, commitment to quality, customization options, and sustainability efforts distinguish us in the industry. We work closely with clients to meet their specific needs and sustainability goals.

Absolutely. PMS offers comprehensive design and development services. Our experienced team collaborates with clients to create custom solutions that align with their brand identity and product requirements.

We offer customization in terms of color choices, logo and branding integration, and design features for our plastic injection molding products. Our goal is to help you create unique and appealing products.

You can contact us via email at [Email Address] or by phone at [Phone Number]. Additionally, you can use the contact form provided on this webpage to reach out to our team. We look forward to assisting you.

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