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PMS, where a decade of expertise in Plastic Injection Molding meets innovation and sustainability. We’re not just a manufacturer, we’re your end-to-end partner in delivering reliable and eco-friendly healthcare solutions.

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Why is it Relevant in Healthcare


Plastics can be easily sterilized, making them ideal for medical applications.


High-quality plastics can withstand extreme conditions, including high temperatures and corrosive chemicals.


Injection molding allows for high levels of customization, which is often required for specialized medical equipment.


The process is well-suited for mass production, reducing the overall cost of healthcare supplies.

Types of Products

PMS specializes in various types of healthcare-related plastic products, such as:

  • Surgical Instruments: Scalpel handles, forceps, and clamps.
  • Medical Containers: Syringe barrels, vial containers, and medicine bottles.
  • Implantable Devices: Hip and knee replacements, pacemaker cases.
  • Diagnostic Equipment: Components for MRI machines, X-ray devices.
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plastic healthcare products (1)


  • High Precision: Injection molding allows for the production of highly accurate and consistent components.
  • Speed: Once the initial setup is complete, the injection molding process is extremely fast, allowing for high-volume production.
  • Material Versatility: A wide range of medical-grade plastics can be used, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and specialized biocompatible materials.


  • Biodegradable Plastics: PMS is researching and increasingly using biodegradable medical-grade plastics that break down naturally over time, reducing long-term waste.
  • Recycled Materials: Wherever possible and without compromising quality, PMS incorporates recycled plastics into its products.
  • Energy-Efficient Machinery: PMS employs state-of-the-art injection molding machines that are energy-efficient, reducing the carbon footprint of each product manufactured.
  • Waste Reduction: Advanced molding techniques are used to minimize waste material. Any waste that is generated is recycled or repurposed within the facility.
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Skyrock Your Business with PMS

From product development to logistics, our end-to-end services set new industry standards. Choose PMS for unparalleled quality and forward-thinking in healthcare.

Don’t move, We’ll Handle Everything


PMS tailors products to your precise needs, collaborating closely to deliver solutions that align perfectly with your vision.


Employing advanced expertise, PMS crafts precise molds for consistent high-quality production.


PMS excels in large-scale injection molding, maintaining efficiency and top-tier quality from sourcing to assembly.

Quick Delivery

PMS ensures swift turnaround times without sacrificing quality, keeping your operations streamlined and effective.

After-Sales Service

Beyond sale, PMS supports with dedicated service for a seamless product lifecycle.

Marketing Support

Elevate your market presence with PMS’s marketing assistance, enhancing your success.

Why PMS is Your Ideal Injection Molding Partner

10 Years Injection Molding Experience

Harness a decade of mastery for tailored solutions that meet your needs precisely. Our seasoned expertise ensures your vision comes to life flawlessly.

  • 20,000 Square meters production facility
  • 8 Advanced production line
  • 20+ Countries exported
pms injection molding line

Certificates and Testing Reports

Elevate trust with our internationally recognized certifications. Rigorous testing underscores our commitment to your safety and quality standards.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • FAD Approval
  • CE Compliance
iso certificates

Advanced CNC Machine

Experience precision redefined through advanced CNC technology. Expect intricate designs with remarkable accuracy, minimizing flaws in every product.

  • Precision tooling machine
  • Advanced Injection molding machine
  • Auto-packing machine
advanced machine

Competitive Pricing

Unveil unbeatable value without compromise. Our strategic pricing blends quality and cost-effectiveness, amplifying both your bottom line and product excellence.

  • Raw material cost
  • Production cost
  • Logistic cost
competitive price

What our happy customers say

Customer reviews are always the best reflection of our products and services. Take a look at what our customers have said.


“As a surgeon, I need instruments that are not only precise but also reliable. PMS’s injection-molded scalpel handles and forceps have been a game-changer in my operating room. The quality is top-notch, and the fact that they are focusing on sustainability makes me feel good about using their products. I highly recommend PMS for any healthcare professional looking for excellence and reliability.”

Dr. Emily Thompson



“Managing the supply chain for a large hospital is no small feat. We need products that are cost-effective without compromising on quality. PMS’s injection-molded medical containers have proven to be both. Their attention to detail, right from product development to transportation, has made my job a lot easier. Plus, their sustainability initiatives align well with our hospital’s goals.”

Mark Johnson

Hospital Supply Chain Manager


“In orthopedics, the materials we use must meet the highest standards for durability and safety. PMS’s implantable devices, like hip and knee replacements, have consistently met and exceeded those standards. Their commitment to quality assurance and innovation sets them apart in the industry. It’s a brand I trust, and my patients do too.”

Dr. Sarah Lee

Orthopedic Specialist

You ask, we answer

For any further inquiries or specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A: PMS specializes in a wide range of healthcare products, including surgical instruments, medical containers, implantable devices, and diagnostic equipment components.

A: Yes, our products are designed to be easily sterilized, making them ideal for medical applications.

A: We use a variety of medical-grade plastics, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and specialized biocompatible materials.

A: Our clientele mainly consists of B2B customers, including brand owners, importers, wholesalers, and distributors.

A: Absolutely, we offer comprehensive services from product development and design to production, packaging, and transportation.

A: We have rigorous quality control measures in place, including testing protocols and compliance checks, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products.

A: Yes, our products meet or exceed various international healthcare regulations, providing peace of mind to our clients.

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